How to stop looking like crap- Part I

Hey friends. So, to start with this post, I’m going to tell you straight up that the ONLY way to look like CRAP is by CONSUMING CRAP. And, to be honest, if you’re already looking like crap, then you’re definitely feeling like crap.

Looking like crap DOESN’T MEAN at all that you don’t “belong” to certain type of “beauty standard” stablished by society. Looking like crap means that your outside shell is NOT reflecting nice and cute self care for your body, soul, organs, and mind. Everything you CONSUME, ultimately ends up showing on your outside persona, which means that the ENERGY that you are emitting is not the one you want to own!

Let’s face it, nothing is always perfect a 100% of the time 24/7. But, the truth is, we can all practice many different ways to simplify our existence and as a result, make it meaningful and purposeful. Well, let’s begin by the easiest part of this process, which is our outer shell, our body and organs, our whole human physical system and structure.

The body we are currently living in is our home. Treating our home as a dumpster would only bring in more dirt, unhealthy stuff and unnecessary burdens that I don’t think anybody wants. Treating our bodies like a room where we accumulate meaningless stuff is something our society has taught us to do, and we of course have learned without any resistence. We are used to putting all sorts of crap inside our precious bodies, just to accumulate “things” because we are trying to fill a space that has nothing to do with the physical realm, we want to fill a spiritual hole and it has NO point, if you really think about it, to keep filling up a PHYSICAL MATTER so that we SOMEHOW end up filling up our SPIRITUAL HOLES. I mean…SERIOUSLY?! It is complete nonsense, and I tell you this because up until the age of 27 I was one of those filling up my body with all sorts of nameless poison so I could miraculously one day feel FULFILLED AND HAPPY with my life that until that point was basically empty as hell. Tell me the hell was everything I was consuming daily going to fill the emptiness in my soul? HOW?! If, for starters I was only eating fake food, saturated fats, sodas…basically plastic and glue, people.

Food is your fuel. If you consume fake fuel, your vehicle is going NOWHERE. On the other side, if you take care of your vessel by nourishing it with loving products, it is going to thank you by eliminating every toxin that we already get from only existing, more so in a world where pollution and contamination is everywhere you look. Why add more pollution to the existing one?

My quick tips for not looking like crap anymore are:

First of all, and I’ll make it simple, go vegan. Some of the trillions of reasons to do so are that by eating vegan you will immediately help your digestive system eliminate all the garbage you have accumulated through the years (all that McCrap and Burger Bitch you’ve been eating?) our digestive system is strictly linked to our nervous system, since for starters we actually DO HAVE neurones inside our stomachs. Plus, where do you think all that crap that lives inside you for ages goes? (Not to mention that you must be really suffering from constipation already). All that garbage goes directly to your skin, cause there is no other way to get the toxins out, so you look old when you should look young and vital cause you DESERVE IT, your skin looks creepy, you have all that acne attacking you, you actually look sad, and angry (trust me, people can tell). Another reason to eat vegan is that every single fruit and vegetable that exists in our planet will GIVE you LIFE just by eating them. Fruits and vegetables and the only ones that actually possess the vitamins and protein that you need to exist and be healthy, they give you youth, power, joy, because they make your body work amazingly and properly, they can even cure diseases and counterattack the enemies that come from fake foods. It is as simple as that, try and go vegan!

Second quick tip of the day:


Only FIVE minutes a day is going to help you tons! You need to get your body moving. Do some dancing, running, biking, rope jumping, ANYTHING for just five minutes a day and it will be way better than not doing anything at all. You HAVE to understand that our human carcasses were designed to MOVE, not to be seated for ages on a couch moving one finger to change a tv channel. Moving is essential to the human existence, our experiences would be incomplete without movement. Don’t you see? Look at every single animal in our planet. Are they all just scrolling a fucking screen being couch potatoes? NOPE, they are constantly moving, living, letting their bodies breathe in all the energy that comes from the blessing that is being physical and active. Working out, exercising, or whatever you wanna call it is not mainly to lose weight. It is essential to your human characteristics. It doesn’t matter what your body type is, if you are tall, short, big small or whatever…look, I have a butt, I’m genetically muscular, since both my parents always practiced sports when they were younger, so I have the pre disposition to easily develop muscles really quickly, I’m a thick gal and I would never naturally look like Claudia Schiffer if society wanted me to, I will always have defined muscles and a curvy body that I love. So, please don’t go crazy with your training, accept your body and nourish it with the oxygen that working out is going to give you. Don’t workout because you THINK that doing a hundred hours of exercise will make you accept your baby, NO. Be cool, be you.

Third tip of the day:

You HAVE TO quit all the crap that TV and advertising tells you it’s going to “make you happy” and those are: alcohol, drugs, smoking, conventional drugs from the farmaceutical industry. All that crap is destroying your whole body and nervous system. I’ve been alcohol free for TWO years, not a single drop at all. It was the best decision of my existence. I realised I was lying to myself by thinking that alcohol would make me feel like a cooler person. I was a social drinker, and for me alcohol was a MUST every time I was in a social situation cause in my mind there was NO WAY people would like the real boring, quiet, shy me. I had to become another person to be able to make “friends”, I had to do things that I wouldn’t do in my natural alcohol free state so I could be accepted. Turns out I was wrong and I am happy as the real me, I don’t give a fuck anymore who likes me or not..who cares!

Same story for me with cigarettes, although I quit smoking way before I quit alcohol. I also stopped taking all that fake medicine all the time like I used to, even anti depressants that I thought would “cure me”…turns out that’s plain bullshit and they make you sicker than you started. I’ve never taken drugs. I’ve only done I can’t really talk about DRUGS, but I know for sure YOU NEED TO STOP IT FRIEND. Get help, it is never easy with drug addictions but it is possible to get out…and you are stronger when you ask for help, be brave!

All these things you think make you happy, only cause inflamation in your body. Alcohol, once consumed gets oxidised inside your body and becomes sugar, which makes your body BASICALLY ROT ITSELF from the inside..nice huh? Who feels cool now pal?

Cigarettes…well if you’re one that enjoys the taste of death inside your lungs, then smoking is for you! Who likes to drink FLOOR CLEANING liquids straight and fresh from the bottle? Well, that’s one of the delicious ingredients inside your COOL pack of cigarettes..enjoy baby (wink wink) no wonder your skin is looking gray like an alien, pal…all those clogged arteries feeling good?

And finally..”medicines”… what can I say…they’re just a lie. They are chemical crap, created to create other illnesses while you think the first one was already cured..that’s why diabetic people end up taking a hundred pills a day, depressed people go to be prescribed a pill to make them “happy” but end up getting numb, then they start suffering from stomach issues, sleeping problems and SO ON… the moral to the story: don’t trust the farmaceutical industry. PERIOD.

The solution to cure health issues is in natural medicines that you consume every single day. I already told you: fruits and vegetables. Add colour to your food plate, add essential oils, water, superfoods, AIR, and it will definitely help your body look like you deserve!